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West Emerson St
Melrose MA 02176
Jack has served as the house sound engineer at the following clubs:

Gilreins - Worcester, MA
The Sea Note - Hull, MA
Chan's - Woonsocket, RI
Paddy O's - Boston
Based near Boston Massachusetts, Showtime Sound and Lighting was established in
December 1999 by veteran musician and sound engineer Jack Oliva as a source for
any person, group or organization seeking quality event production services.

Since he first got his hands on the faders and knobs of a mixer while working with a
friend’s band back in 1978, Jack has been hooked on live sound engineering. Given
that he also played several instruments, it was only natural to mix (no pun
intended!) his love of music with a newly discovered passion for audio engineering.

He spent many years studying the principles of live sound reinforcement and putting
that knowledge to work as a freelance engineer. Eventually, his longtime desire to
be one of the musicians on the stage led to joining his first adult band with some
friends in 1990. During that time, he proceeded to accumulate the necessary sound
equipment for the band’s live performances.

After several years of playing in different bands and constantly upgrading the sound
equipment, it came to pass on New Year’s Eve of the year 2000 that he broke into
the business of providing his knowledge, skills and equipment to people who
needed this type of service. It was a memorable event as it was Y2K, wondering all
through the evening if the power was going to go off at midnight on the company’s
first gig. Fortunately, the power stayed on and the night turned into a success which
has continued to this day.

First known as Professional Audio Service, the company has gradually expanded its
service menu and now includes stage lighting, special effect lighting, staging,
backline, electrical power distribution, live audio  recording, permanent sound
and/or lighting system installations and freelance tech support.

The company has been committed to providing high level value with quality
equipment, professional knowledge and customer oriented services. We will strive to
maintain these high standards for all clients.